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Given (among other things) the substantial increase in government interest in and regulation of appraisal management companies and other real estate-related valuation professionals, there is a clear need today for a new widely representative national trade association that actively and vigorously represents the interests of its Members in the home valuation arena before the federal government and state agencies.  The voices of key participants in the market need to be heard and respected in order for the federal government and state regulatory boards to do their job in regulating and overseeing the valuation industry in a fair and balanced manner that serves the best interests of appraisal management companies, appraisal firms, fee appraisers, lenders and, thus, indirectly, consumers as well.

The Association’s core goals include:

  • Affecting helpful, rather than harmful, regulatory change at the federal and state levels, through multiple but targeted initiatives including, where necessary and appropriate, litigation;
  • Effectively and timely communicating changing requirements to its Members through tailored education;
  • Strengthening its Members’ businesses through “best practices” initiatives and peer-to-peer exchanges;
  • Assisting its Members in setting and achieving a standard of excellence in the industry; and
  • Coordinating a new level of dialogue, cooperation, and trust between appraisal management companies, appraisal firms, and fee appraisers.

The Association will not be all or even mostly talk.  Before year’s end, the Association plans to affect real and visible change that is beneficial to its Members in multiple states, both independently and through cooperation with other affected industry trade associations.

For it to be that effective change agent, it needs your commitment and your involvement.   

HVIA Comments on Proposed GREAB Amendments

On August 17th, 2015, the HVIA submitted comments on the GREAB's proposed amendments, including adoption of a state fee survey.  The links below contain the professional evaluation of the survey commissioned by the HVIA, along with the associated cover letter:

Cover Letter


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